The friends you will call extensions
of yourself the day you graduate high
school may not be the first people
you call when you get engaged.

Not all kisses will be good ones.
Some will be wet and miss your
mouth by so much, you’ll start to
wonder if they’re looking for
something beyond you, something
your skin will never add up to.

The first time you go home with
a stranger, tell them they are
beautiful and spend the night
begging them to show you
more of their heart in between
your crescendos and releases.

When you leave in the morning
without saying goodbye, hope
they understand that it was
for their own good.

The people you love can be
untouchable and hard and mean
when they have been hurt, but
do not let that stop you from
breaking down their bathroom
doors and holding them together.
You will find that people often
insist that they are whole far
more when they are falling apart
inside of your arms.

It took me so long to learn that other
people are not limbs. You can hurt
for them when they break, but your
pain will not be one in the same with
their experience. Do not tell her you
“know how she feels”, tell her you
will be here when she needs to
release it.

Pain can be so great, but the
sky is always the most beautiful
after nasty storms, bent on
knocking down trees and keeping
homes in the dark.

Buy an umbrella.

Don’t let anyone tell you
that you do not already
have everything you will
ever need.


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I guess I was in love with, you know, taking the plane and landing, the cafés, the cigarettes and wind from elsewhere, his accent.

It doesn’t exist.

It’s the concept you love. You Iove the concept more than him. It’s the distance you love. But when there’s no more distance. When there’s no more ocean to cross and all there’s left to cross is a hallway…


Les Amours Imaginaires (2010)

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The pride in his eyes in that last cap

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I’ll be attending the ‘Creatures of the Night’ convention on August 9th in Melbourne with a bunch of my friends, and I’m so excited for it! I get to meet Holland Roden, Sinqua Walls, Ian Bohen and Max Carver and SO EXCITED!

I’m making a little booklet for each of the actors as a present to give to them when I get there. Here’s Holland’s book for Lydia! Expect to see Peter’s next!

Thanks heaps to the beautiful zimothy for helping me edit my writing!

Other books in the series:


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the first one is just so ridiculously adorable

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Les Diableries are a series of stereoscopic photographs, published in Paris during the 1860s, that were supposed to be viewed in stereoscopes that made the images 3D. The photographs of dioramas depict scenes of daily life in Hell.  

I’m kind of obsessed with French depiction of Satan has ladies man, getting ill, partying in his house, and boating with some skeletons.  

1st Image via the London Stereoscopic Company: Depicts Satan with his Harem girls.  

2nd Image via Lady Lavona Blogspot “Satan Malade,” from Les Diableries, c. 1861, hand-tinted stereocard (detail).  Because even Satan gets sick.

3rd and 4th Image via Little Gothic Horrors Blogspot.  The 3rd image show Satan hosting a house party-as he does.  The 4th image has him boating with this best skele-friends.


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"Too many books?" I believe the phrase you’re looking for is "not enough bookshelves".

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Favorite Muggleborns headcanons (1/?)

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